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Can I enter in for a 5K run, even if I think I'm not making the distance but am able to do the 30mins running? Thank you :)


Can I enter in for a 5K run, even if I think I'm not making the distance but am able to do the 30mins running? Thank you :)

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Yes of course you can.When is it? How far are you covering in 30 minutes? Do you know?

If the event is some months away you have time to keep chipping away at the distance

futurefitGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks very much, well I'm getting a bit ahead of my self as it's not until October 24th (Lol), wanted to give myself a goal and I'm now just at the end of Week 6 but was just worried about the whole distance thing. Hopefully I'll be alright to give it a go and well it's a fun run so maybe that takes the pressure off! I've just got a pedometer and so going to check out how far I'm going when I do my next run (25mins one). I don't think I am too slow running but as you say I'll just keep building up on it. Thanks for your help! :)

Is it The Great South Run ? I'm going to have a go at that on 24th Oct. Got plenty of time to get your distance up😃


Definitely you can ! The whole point is that if you can get your body to run for 30 minutes then you can run 5k, even if it takes you longer than 30 mins because your body will have got the hang of what to do by then. Go for it !

futurefitGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks Henpen! That's good to hear and I wil go for it then! :)

davelinksGraduate in reply to futurefit

I did a park run on w6, couldn't run the full 5k then, just made sure I did my run time for the programme, then alternated with walk & jog

Think your fairly local to me, I use Riddlesdown parkrun course, its a bit tough with part of it being an elevated stony trail, but managed to do 5k running last week.

There's also the Lloyd parkrun course, have not done that one yet.


On my 1st smiliar event/run. I found after 30mins. Adreline and the atmosphere took me to my very first 5k in 49mins. you'll do it fine.


Most runs have a mixture of more serious runners and people walking, pushing prams, run/walking....of course you can enter, have fun"

I did parkrun when I was on week 3 of c25k. No one batted an eye lid that I walked a lot. I've entered a dash of colour in September and I know I wont be able to run it all still (I can barley run 8 min stints) but my friend has done loads of events and says its meant to be fun so no one will care.

The atmosphere and other runners will make you want to run more but don't get too carried away and over do it. Stick to your pace and abilities. I made that mistake and struggled the last mile.

I say go for it and enjoy it :)


We have folks that walk entire 5k races, so you can run/walk as much as you wish. You'll enjoy it - there's a rush from running in a group that can't be beat.

Yes if you can run for 30mins yes go for it

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