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Running 400 miles away

Just moved at the weekend. England to Scotland, So my first run on Monday went well. Though have realised there are a few more hilly parts to my new run. However, weather was sunny and met loads of people out and about, running, jogging and walking at 1900 . All very friendly.

So here's to a new start of different runs.

Looking forward to change from running in central london to running in a smaller town with lots of green countryside around.

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Well that's quite a change. How do you have the energy to run if you've just moved house?

Some years ago I moved from the Lake District down to Newbury in Berkshire - from hills to the flat - and now I'm in Derbyshire. I can't imagine running in a city. Country runs are so lovely (though I confess to feeling jealous about blogs from people who run along a beach).

One thing's for sure, you'll stay cooler running in Scotland! Good luck.


Welcome to Scotland :)

I spend a lot of my time planning to avoid hills, lol

If you meet a short,red faced, overweight tortoise, say hi.

It might be me :)


Why do you keep posting this ? It is very annoying especially as we are mainly in the UK and you are posting US sites


I agree, I sent a message to Admin to try and get it stopped because I thought it was a virus!!! This is not a site for company's to do their free advertising. (in my opinion)


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