Running away from Smoking

Running away from Smoking


"Cigarette smoking has been shown to increase serum hemoglobin, increase total lung capacity and stimulate weight loss, factors that all contribute to enhanced performance in endurance sports. Despite this scientific evidence, the prevalence of smoking in elite athletes is actually many times lower than in the general population. The reasons for this are unclear; however, there has been little to no effort made on the part of national governing bodies to encourage smoking among athletes..."

Well of course times change and the statement above from CMAJ was something of a spoof anyway to show how data can be manipulated to make the implausible sound plausible.

But the facts are simple - it's just over one year since I quit smoking and started running and even though I've bought rather a lot of running shoes, a gps watch, shorts, t-shirts, etc. I've still made a profit and I feel 100 times more healthy, have found a new sport and friends, have run a 10K race, and am enjoying life so much more. There've been a few niggling injuries along the way but I have stronger muscles, lungs and heart and am mentally a stronger person too. Through running I've started to appreciate the area I live in more and have gained a real pleasure in setting myself challenges and beating them.

Perhaps most importantly I've been able to read about the lives and aspirations of others on this forum, see their triumphs and occasional failures and hopefully support them a little as I have been supported.

To anyone taking up running for whatever reason - stick at it - it will change your life... and even make it longer!

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  • Great post Runon, and well done for leaving the cigs behind you! It will be 8 years for me in October, and it's one of the best things I've done in my life, surpassed only by running ! ;)

  • And well done to you Pigivi. Running just opens up a whole new world - plus you get to wear lots of bright colours! :))

  • here, here Runon :D just about 18 months for me now couldn't agree more :D

  • It's brilliant isn't it - a little smile crosses my face everytime I run past the tobacconists! :)) Well done "Not-so-slow-Rob'

  • It is :) well done you too ... if someone had said 2 years ago that I would stop smoking and start running I would have laughed very loudly !!

  • Well done Runon. Long may you run on and on and on....

  • ...and on :) Thanks Iannoda Truffe - I shall keep at it :)

  • Aww - lovely post Runon. I hope you are really proud of yourself for making this life change. You'll never look back now!

  • Hi Ullyrunner - no looking back now - can't believe it was I year ago I started - feels amazing. :) X

  • :D Fabulous post Runon. I must admit, I read the quote and felt my blood starting to boil. As an ex-smoker too, I know exactly where you're coming from. Everything is better when you stop smoking, not least your bank balance! So good to hear you're re still going from strength to strength. Keep running and keep sharing :)

  • Hey AncientMum - how the heck is it going? Yeah - never thought I'd be able to quit smoking but there I've gone and done it and will keep doing it. Yeah I was a bit outraged when I started to read the quote until I realised it was an example of how the selective use of information can be used to bias situations. Thanks for your support X

  • I'm good Sweetie. Was planning to test out my ankle and have a go at w1r1 this morning but woke up with a decidedly iffy stomach (I blame hubby's BBQ skills) Sadly, it'll have to wait until later this week :-/

  • Well done on your achievements - and that made me laugh.

  • Ah Ancientrunner - I just love the contradiction of Doctors recommending smoking - it's like Dentists saying eat more sugar! X

  • well done Runon, must admit my bank balance is looking healthier since giving up the evil smoking in January! I also have treated my self to running gear etc, its so liberating running, it was the giving up smoking that made me switch to running, one bad addiction to a very good addiction. I started in my running Journey in april and love the transformation in body and mind. At 56 I still cant get over the fact I want to get home from work and get my gear on and get outside!

    Keep on running, I am about to do my first 5k race next Sunday, wont be at the front but I am off the couch.

  • It's a brilliant addiction to have Jenman - I just have an addictive personality so I kind of know that the vacuum left by losing bad things has to be replaced by better things. Well done to you giving up and stick at it - now if I think about a cigarette I also think that if I puff just one then I'll never be able to run again - the desire soon goes away :) Keep at it - never give in...

  • What a beautiful blog and what a brilliant advert. Well done on the anniversary, those little fu****s are a devil to give up :)

  • Hey Juicy - hows it going? You are doing such amazing things. And yeah the little fu's are a devil to stop but now I know it can be done there is no going back. Now I just need to run faster :)) X

  • Runon, a huge well done on giving up the coffin stick and many congratulations on your runniversary. I'm delighted to see you're still out there running. Fab post.

  • Ah thanks Irishprincess - I'm feeling very proud of myself but these things are never possible without ithe support of others. So a big thank you to you and everyone else who has been so wonderfully encouraging :) X

  • Well done fella. I smoked my last cigarette on January 11th 2011 and haven't looked back (much). In fact, I was so chuffed with myself for giving up I proposed to my wife two weeks later.

    Poor woman!

  • Hi Acton - Well at least you could save some money for the ring :)) Well done - Running and Romance!

  • well done on your 1yr of non smoking! and welcome back Ru-non, ca va?!!! we have missed you SO much! glad to hear you're feeling spritely and full of beans, whats you next challenge??!! :)

  • Bonjour Alibooboo, sooperstar, ร‡a va? Next challenge is to become an astronaut but whilst waiting for that I am simply trying to run further, faster - but do indeed need a race to focus my energies :) Congrats on the spashy dash - sounds tremendous fun :) X

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