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Running away the tears


Tonights run was by far the most difficult run I’ve ever had to do. I lost my mum yesterday, she was only 64, which is no age nowadays.

Her health had been poor for some years, she was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 but has never really been right since even though she was in remission.

Even so it was still a little out of the blue and I am absolutely heartbroken 💔😢

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Oh, I am so sorry, losing a parent is so hard but you are right 64 is no age.

Take care of yourself, this will take time, but you will get there. 💔 and run. You're Mum created an amazing inspiring man. I cannot imagine your pain. Love and strength to you and your family

I'm really so sorry for your recent tragic loss. i lost my dad in late 2018 and it often feels like i'm combining grieving with running ...i believe they would want us to look after ourselves . I hope you can continue .

I’m so sorry to read this x take care

Really sad to hear this. Running is a good way to handle grief. A friend of mine died recently and my running helped a lot. Virtual hugs to you and I'm sorry for your loss. Take care.


Sorry to read of your loss. Will be a tough one to get through. But keep up with the running, benefits for physical and mental health will keep you buoyed.


So sorry to hear of your loss, praying for comfort for you and your family xx


Oh Dion I'm so so sorry to hear this, sending you and your family my sincerest condolences. I bet she'll be watching over you on your runs, proud as anything of her lovely, kind hearted boy. Take care ❤


Sorry to hear about your mum. Hope the running was good for the emotions. ❣️


Sending condolences to you and your family 💔 take care of yourself and each other xx


So sorry to read this. Sending you love and virtual hugs. ❣


So sorry to read this. Take care and time to grieve. Xxx

I'm so sorry, my condolences. That's much too early, I can only imagine how hard this would be for you. I lost my mum of 66yrs a couple of years ago to pancreatic cancer. Hit us all like a big bus, one month she was diagnosed and the next she was gone.

It will take a lot of time, and I'm still not sure I'll ever be able to move on, my thoughts are with you buddy. Feel free to drop me a message if you need someone to talk to.


So very sorry for your loss. Be kind to yourself.

So very sorry for your loss xx


So sorry to hear your sad news 😢. Take good care of yourself 🤗


So sorry to hear this. Sending best wishes your way


So sorry to hear this. I lost my mum at that age too. I am sure the running will help in your grief that can feel so overwhelming. For me 18 years have now past and there is not a day I don't think of my mum but I am able to think of happy memories. Take care. X

I’m so sorry Dion to hear this. It’s never easy to lose a parent and their special love. Keep running and this will help you in more ways than one 👍❤️


Very sorry for your great loss Dtay.


Losing a parent is so hard. Make sure you take care of yourself - if running helps, great; if you decide to skip it, be kind to yourself. There’s no right way to grieve, just take one step at a time. Sending condolences to you and your family.


So sorry.


So sorry to hear of your loss and feeling for you and your family left behind. Your Mum would be so proud of your running achievements. Stay strong, keep on with your running and take care.


Oh no, so so sorry for your loss ,

As you say , that's no age at all .

I lost my mum over 3 years ago and my dad about 5 .

They were significantly older but it's never the right time

I still miss them both every day !

If you can continue running it will help your frame of mind .

Best wishes to you !


I’m so sorry. It’s hard to lose your mum. Of course you’re heartbroken. Allow yourself to grieve and be kind to yourself. Keep running, it will help you.


Wow, what a roller coaster few days you have had from that glorious 10k high to this. And what a gift you gave yourself when you took up running with no idea this was going to happen. I am so sorry... several losses there wrapped up in a big one if your Mum has not been quite right for some time but has died unexpectedly and yes, still pretty young. And in these times.

I hope you keep running to look after yourself.


I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a parent is hard. My Dad died when he was 60 and I will always miss him. Be kind to yourself and keep running when you can.

🤗😢🤗 Celebrate life and live life to the fullest and make mum proud.

So sorry to hear your sad news. It's tough, and there will be a lot to process. I'm sure the running will help, especially on the days you least feel like it. My condolences.


Sorry to hear about your sad loss, that’s no age as you say, must have been a really tough run that took a lot of strength of character. I admire you for getting out there and completing it. Well done Dtay1978

So sorry for your loss. Take care ❤️


So sorry for your loss. 😢 not sure what to say or what words you may find helpful so I’m going to say this.... give yourself time, be with your family, be kind to yourself. cherish all the good memories and keep running.


Oh I'm so very sorry for your loss x thinking of you and take care x


I’m so sorry you are going through this right now. Loss is never easy at any age, especially when it’s your mum 😞

Thinking of you


Oh so sorry for your loss. I lost my mum when she was 67 from cancer. That was 32 years ago and I still miss her. So sad. You take care of yourself xp


So very sorry for your loss. Condolences to you and your family at this sad time for you all.❤️🙏🙏


I'm so sorry to hear your news. No words can take your pain away. As many others have said, take time to look after yourself. Send love to you and your family ❣


I’m so sorry to hear this. I lost my dad suddenly a couple of years ago at 59 years and it shattered my world. But you will move forward - as with the running it’s putting one foot in front of the other and making progress, even if it’s small. Sending love and strength to you x

This must be a terrible time for you, I'm so sorry. When my father died I remember feeling very disorientated, as if I couldn't quite make myself understand that he wasn't there any more. I feel for you, I hope you have lots of people around you to help.


So sorry that you've lost your Mum at such an early age. Reach out and lean in to this forum for support when you need. x


So sorry to hear of your sad news Dion. Sending my condolences to you and your family at this sad time.

Take care of yourself


I’m so sorry to read this xx. Cherish all your wonderful, happy memories of her and hold them close. Take care 🌷


So very sorry to hear of your terrible loss. My heart goes out to you and your family. x


You did it - well done. I read all the messages in response, you have a whole community thinking about you and we are all strangers! Sending love xxx


So sorry for your loss. Know this, though, your Mum will always be with you.

Sorry for your loss 💔


So sorry for your loss Dtay1978 💔


I am so sorry and send you my warmest thoughts and virtual hugs.


I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts are with you.


My condolences to you and your family- so sorry for your loss.

Oh my love so very sorry for your loss. It seems cruel when we loose people at a young age. Your mum will never leave you. God bless you xx


I'm so sorry for your loss.

So sorry to hear of your lose. My sister in law passed away a month ago, 67, still feels young. I ran and cried at the same time. I felt it was my time to be on my own and think of all the good times. A virtual hug

So very sorry for your loss. My mum ill at the moment and I am absolutely dreading this. Use those tears as fuel to keep going and remember all the happy times You had. Xx

Wishing you and your family peace in these sad times.


That's devastating news, my thoughts are with you. I lost my parents 18 years ago so have a little idea of what you are going through (although everyone's experience is unique). All I can advise is to be kind to yourself, don't judge yourself and don't expect too much. Take care

I’m so sorry, loosing your mum is like loosing a part of you x

So sorry to hear this! Nobody can say anything, except sending you a huge hug X. I lost my mother to cancer a few years ago, a very painful gut wrenching moment in time. One never truly gets over the death of ones mother, but time allows you to slowly cope and accept the have moved on. Just hold on to the lovely memories, and I can assure you, she will be right by your side when you need strength, support and guidance. She will be there when you least expect it! My mother shows up in the form of a robin lol! She loved them and we had one that used to come into the house, and sit on our hand and feed from us. So when one is near to me I know she's with me and it brings comfort and an invisable hug wraps itself around me. Just go with your pain no matter how upsetting and distressing it will be. Your body is helping you to release and mend and will give comfort to you. Bravo for running 👏 I wish you sincerity and great empathy 💜 at this difficult time X.

Tinytears60Graduate in reply to SB50

What a beautiful and thought provoking message.. 😢

Same- whenever I need her... I look for the robin.. she’s always there x 💕

SB50 in reply to Tinytears60

Glad your robin helps you, maybe in running too lol!

Tinytears60Graduate in reply to SB50

Oh it’s made an appearance... more then once 👏👏 💕 x

SB50 in reply to Tinytears60

Are you doing the 5K too? I've just started but been running on and off for a while.


So sorry to hear your sad news. 64 is no age today, sending you and your family my love x

I’m so very sorry to hear this 😔

I hope your running helps you to process what has happened and helps you through this incredibly sad time. Look after yourself, take your time and we are all here sending you support x

I'm so sorry x


I'm very sorry for your loss.

Hi, I’m so sorry to hear your mum passed away. The pain of loosing your mum is indescribable and so young still. I also lost my mum In March I know what your feeling. I think it helps With running as i find it’s helping with my state of mind. a little bit anyway. 🙏


Dtay I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, my condolences to you and your family. Your mum would be so proud of you on your journey here. Take care fella


Just adding my condolences to you and your family from this lovely supportive community. Loosing a parent is so hard. I so sorry to hear about your mum. Too young. I hope the running does help you and as others have said be kind and gentle with yourself run if it feels right and don’t if it doesn’t. Run and cry when you need to. Sending you strength.


So sorry to hear about your mum. We lost my father in law in May and doing c25k helped me for those weeks when he was in hospital and when he'd passed away. Once piece of advice a friend gave us was make some time for yourself, be kind to yourself.

So sorry to read about your loss. Wishing you and your family strength during this difficult time. Best wishes,

So very sorry for your loss. X

So sorry to hear of your sad loss...big hugs 🤗


So sorry to hear this. Take it easy. I reckon running is a great time for processing grief but takes time. God bless you.


Sending huge hugs your way. Few words just take each moment as it comes x


Sorry to hear about the loss of your Mum! My thoughts are with you & your family! Your Mum will be proud that your still getting out & running!

Dion, so very sorry to hear about your mum. It hits home with me for two reasons. I am 64 like your mum and I also lost my mum just before Christmas last year. I share your pain and sadness and will be giving you a lot of thought today at this sad time. June.


Sending you a huge cyber hug..I lost my mum at the same age only 3 years old so know exactly how you feel, give your self time to grieve and look after yourself.. keep running if you want to but don’t beat yourself up if you’re not up for it. X


I am so so sorry to hear your news. Sending you virtual hugs. Our mums are such anchors in our lives. Take care xxx

So very sorry for your loss. Be kind to yourself and maybe the running will help you at this time. Take care.


Oh man, I am so sorry to hear this... I hope running helped a little and well done for getting out there. Thoughts are with you.


I'm so sorry, that's heartbreaking. Wishing you comfort and peace, and remember we're a supportive bunch. Running will help you, it's a fact, but take it easy.



So sorry to hear x. I lost my mum at 64 and dad at 70, the same year to cancer. I felt so cheated and angry! As you say, it is no age. Let yourself grieve and I find the running helps emotionally. It does get easier with time but there will be hard times ahead. Take care, your mum will be right there with you. Lovely to see all the support on here x.

I am so very sorry for your loss. Life at times can be really hard and seem unfair. Be kind to yourself and know its okay not to feel okay.


I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my dad in March and started couch25k in May - mainly to help me deal with my emotions and have some time in my own head to deal with it. He was 76. I very often have a good cry when I’m running. I’m still heartbroken but running helps me clear my head.

Take care of yourself.

PlattszoGraduate in reply to AMJ13

I'm so sad to think of you crying and running. But glad it helps and you can let it out.... 💔


I’m so sorry for you loss I lost my parents at too young an age in the last 18 months and it can feel unbearable at time.

You can get through it though. I sometimes think about my mom

Especially when I run as I know she would think I had gone bonkers as I never was a runner.

Be gentle on yourself x

How sad, you are so brave to go out and continue your run. It’s so very hard to lose a parent, I lost my Dad a few years ago so know how hard it is. You’re right 64 is no age and seems so unfair. But you’re Mum would be so proud of you, keep going, it takes time but gradually you will start to get through it. Take care.


sorry to read this, all my best to you and yours

Hello. Do sorry to hear about your mum. I can't imagine your grief.

Give yourself time and run when you feel able... maybe even when you don't. Just to get out can be helpful.

Take care honey 💖 xx


That's really tough, I'm sorry for your loss, be gentle with yourself.


Omg Dion I am so SO sorry!.... 🙏🏻😢 💔

I’m so thankful you have your running family on here to give you some comfort!... Bless you! I know how you’re feeling...

Losing anyone is hard but we are never ready to lose our parents.

Sending you lots of virtual hugs 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Take good care of yourself 💙


So sorry for your loss and she was very young. I lost my mother in May and I have to say that first run after was really therapeutic - the morning after I cried as I ran and did my fastest ever without trying. Keep running and stay strong during your pain.


So sorry to hear that, Dtay1978. You are brave and strong posting in this way. Just doing so you will support others going through similar pain. Any parent would be proud to have you as a son. Thinking of you.


So, so sorry for your loss. Look after yourself.


Blown away ❤️ you’re all amazing, I love you all ❤️❤️


I am so sorry to hear this - how awful. She was only 3 years older than me. Well there are lots of us Mums here of that age group who will be beaming great big Mum hugs your way. I'm sure she was very proud of you achieving what you have with your running and I bet she was with you every step on that run. Xx


So sorry to hear of your mums passing. Sending big hugs xx

I'm truly sorry for your loss. God bless you.


I'm so sorry for your loss. Please take care!

I am so sorry for your loss xx


I am so sorry for your loss. x

It's always a right shock isn't it when it comes without any kind of warning!

Crying helps to get the pain out and does you good

My sympathies. Words cant express how you feel. I lost my father in feb. Its just awful. Its too soon for the platitudes. Have a virtual hug and know So many people close and strangers are here for you x


I think grief is all the love you want to give, but can’t .... give it to yourself instead.

One day at a time, one step at a time ... punch that pillow, let out those tears, talk to us & your other friends.

Be kind to yourself.

With love.

So sorry everyone's mum is special. I lost my dad when he was 64 it just seemed such a waste. Take care and carry on running. X

so sorry for your loss

Take care


Very sorry to hear this - take care of yourself.

Oh I am so sorry to hear this 😢 look after yourself x


So sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself, allow time to grieve.


So sorry for your loss 💔x


So sorry for your loss. That’s awful for you. Take care of yourself and live your best life, that’s all we want for our kids, right? Sorry it was out of the blue I think that makes it worse.


So sorry for your loss - nothing can really prepares us for losing a loved one like this. Take care of yourself and run when you can. There will be days when it will help and days when it might not feel right. Either is fine. Thoughts go out to you and your family.


I am so sorry. No matter how prepared you think you are, you never really are. Glad you find some comfort in running and glad you could let the emotion out too. Hang in there and be patient with yourself


My heart goes out to you. How amazing are you to run with that having happened! Be kind to yourself


There are no words that can make you feel better. To lose your mum is awful & 64 is far too young. She'll be looking over you and feeling proud I'm sure.


Sending you a hug 🤗 x


Oh I’m so sorry to hear this. As you say no age at all. I hope that running will give you time and headspace to process your grief. Sending you a hug 🤗


Dtay, I’m truly sorry for your loss. I don’t think there is a more special bond than that between a son and his mother. She’ll have been so proud of the man you’ve become . Take care of yourself.

Very sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself and go gently with your running - keep it up but don't push yourself too much.

I am so sorry for your loss Dion 💔

I lost my father at 62. It is no age.

Sending you love.

Thoughts of you and your family at this time 💕


Sorry to hear of your sad loss, my heart goes out to you. Look after yourself and take things steady.


Oh man, that’s so sad. I hope you have family around you. I cant imagine how you must be feeling. 64 is way too soon. Im Honestly hoping you get through it .... XXX


Oh my, Dion I've only just seen your post. So so sorry to hear your sad news. As you say, it's no age at all these days.

Take care of yourself - the running will help and allow you the time and space to be alone with your happiest memories



My deepest sympathies to you and your family. I have no words to ease your pain but I am sending big virtual hugs Xx


Hi D,

I am sure you have received many replies.

Time is the only way to heal from your grief.

Your mum was a Huge STAR , remember to look up into the sky at night, find her knowing the glowing light of a mothers love is upon you for ever.



I have been shown so much love and support, it’s been quite overwhelming. This place never ceases to amaze me. You are all the most lovely, caring and supportive people I’ve ever ‘met’ in my entire life, thank you all so much ❤️


So sorry to hear about your mum Dion. Thinking of you and sending you strength and warmth.


So, so sorry to read of your loss. My thoughts are with you.

Take time out for yourself whether running or not and be kind to yourself - always.


So sorry to read your sad news. Hope the running will help you through the difficult times. Take care.

At whatever age we lose our mums is like losing part of ourselves, i missed this post and for that i am sorry i didn’t send condolences sooner

Take care


I am so sorry.

Sorry for your loss xx

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