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I did it!!!!!! Finished W9....Now what?!?!?

I made it all the through. I repeated weeks 5 & 6 along the way, but I did it!

Now I am looking around for what to do next. have already run a 5K race and will run more.

I know that I can just keep running the 30 minutes but I liked the structure of the program.

I would love to get suggestions on what other graduates have done. (and where do I get one of those 'GRADUATE' labels)

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Well done! Bridge to 10k is popular, look down my blog posts, you should find a link to the mp3 files. I've not used them, I preferred to organise my own schedule. I kept running with Laura for a while, just let her keep on looping. It depends what you're aiming for I suppose. ASICS has free schedules with specific goals, I quite like it. There's a ton of stuff on line.


Well done, congratulations on graduating. If you enjoy 5k try more park runs, maybe work towards 10k, maybe join others once a week at a club to pick up tips - find out what you like and what you don't. Many plans out there to achieve any number of goals. Enjoy your achievement :) celebrate :)


Well done to have completed the program ! I am also doing the "Couch to 5k" to prepare myself to run/walk the Dubai Marathon next January.

When i graduate ( I am now on 6K R2) I will be training myself for the marathon with the help of Jeff Galloway's books & website:

In Jeff's book you can lear also to train yourself for the 5k, 10k, 1/2 & full marathon.


Well done! It must be a great feeling! I hope to be feeling it on Sunday! :)


Thanks for the advice and encouragement. Based on some suggestions that I receieved, I am re-doing C25K but doing everything faster (running faster on the run parts and joging instead of walking on the walk parts, but still doing the 5 minutes warm up and cool down walks at a walking pace.

Did the first one today and that went well.


Yes that is a good plan. I've done that several times, picking out different runs to vary it a bit. Jog on the walks and go faster on the runs. (if you can! I find it quite hard to up my speed significantly.) There is the B210K as mentioned, that is a good one, with Sammy telling you when to run and when to walk. It is on Andystev's blog posts as he said. Also Laura will be bringing out a new post C25K podcast soon.

Loads of different timing programmes out there. I did the Bupa intermediate ten mile plan (until two weeks from the end I got injured) but have since done my first half marathon so there are a million steps (literally!) ahead of you.



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