Couch to 5K

W1R1....did i manage it??

Oh yes i did! I downloaded the podcast to my ipod, went to a sports shop and got my gait tested and now have a really nice pair of running trainers which are super comfy!

I jumped on the treadmill in the gym and thought 'right, lets give it a go, if i cant run then i will just continue to walk briskly' and off i went.

The first 60 second run left me short of breath and thinking 'omg im so out of shape!' but it actually seemed to get easier as i carried on and managed to control my breathing and i managed the whole thing.....feeling very proud of myself and grateful for the good advice i received on here before giving it a go.

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Well done for getting up and out good luck with run 2.


Well done for getting started, it's such a great feeling to get that first run under your belt.


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