Couch to 5K

w5 run 3 complete in rain

wow I did it 20 mins non stop running and I felt I could have gone further it was also my first run in the rain and boy did it rain I run on an old railawy line that has been turned into a cycle track it runs under a couple of roads and unfortunatley the thunder storm that started half way through my run filled the drains and they were over flowing and filling up the cycle track some parts were about 5 inches deep but I think it probably helped as it took my mind off the running but I must have looked a bit silly an over weight drowned rat springs to mind never mind on to week 6 felling realy good about it now is the first time I have thought I will be able to complete this course with no problems.

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Well Done!!!!!

It feels fantastic doesn't it?

I'm just about to write about W5 R3 that I done this morning too.



Well done getting the 20 minutes out of the way really feels good and through all that rain too.

Good luck in week 6.


Well done, that is fabulous! :-) I found it surprisingly pleasant to run in the rain! :-) Good luck with your next week, I am doing Week 5 run 3 next! :-)


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