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Week 4 Run 3 complete

Actually completed this friday night but seem to have a busy weekend and couldnt get on here.

Well I think the running part went better this time, its still a challenge and it feels like forever.

My legs and stamina seem to hold out pretty well, still having breathing issues though. I am thinking its mostly due to my being overweight.

All in all very happy so far, running for 16 minutes is just amazing to me. Started in April, less than 3 months ago, no way could I have done this then.

Week 5 coming up on Monday :)

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Well done!! It's amazing we can run all that time when before even 15 seconds seemed an eternity. I can't get over how incredible the human body is! I hope your breathing gets better. Mine was bad last week but today it seemed to improve - give it all time and slow down perhaps a bit more? Good luck with week 5 - let us know how it goes?


oh will let you know, I slowed down a bit after a recommendation here and that helped to start with but seemed to start again. I am sure I if I go much slower I will be walking :)


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