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Week 8 done ... come on week 9!

Well it is taking a little longer to complete each week as my knees are having to be nursed along by taking an extra day off if they are bad but ... we are getting there. :) Yay week 8 run 3 done!!!

I had a really awful night and was awake very early so me and Charley (my canine running mate) set off with the intention of extending my stride to try to cover a longer distance.

I tried the heel strike early on in this program but found it a bit odd so just relaxed and went back to my natural way of running.

However after having "grumbling knees" have tried it again and found it to be better as when I heal strike I have to bend my knees more and I think this relieves the stress from them.

I also read on here (I think ?)that women generally run from the knees instead of the thighs/hips so have been conscious of that.

The above along with a good stretch at the end of each run seems to be paying off.

So we are ready for the final 3 runs and .... I don't know how far I have run but this morning I ran out of road so will have to change my route and do a bit of measuring.

I am really loving it and thanks to this program and all of you and your blogs whether they are inspiring or problem ones .... have given knowledge, help and drive to get there.

I never thought I would hear myself say that "I enjoy running" so THANKS GUYS! :)

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Yup, all of these posts are great for motivation :) Well done for getting through week 8.


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