Goodbye Week Three its been great to know you!

Week Four challenge starts Tuesday. Finally saw the weight start to shift on the weekly check this morning, three and a half pounds lighter than last Sunday. So that's 25% of my target to lose a stone after three weeks so all going as planned. I have been doing all my work on a treadmill and for week three added a bit of extra work. When the beep goes for the five min cool down I leave the walking speed the same and whack the gradient up to 10. After a minute bring it down to 8, then 6 a minute later until I reduce the speed and walk flat to do a five minute cool down. So I have added a five minute piece of stamina work at the end which will help me I feel when the runs get longer. I can drop the extra five minutes if struggling and feel like I am giving myself a break. Got a beach holiday on the 15th July though so will either have to stop or try to get up early on holiday three days and go for a run outside. Some food for thought that, seems scary at the moment.

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  • Well done on both completing week 3 and the weight loss. I just started week 3 this morning and it wasnt as awful as I thought. Many years ago when I used to go to the gym regularly, doing weights not running, I went running on the beach early every morning whilst on holiday just because I missed the gym. It was great running along the shoreline before it got hot and crowded. The god-like life guard putting out the sunbeds I think may have helped a bit ?.

  • Not sure the lifeguard incentive does it for me! (unless it's Baywatch of course)

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