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Week Six Run One

Glad I went for the run this morning, though I was a bit worried about how it would go. I didn't sleep very well last night - my neighbours have a habit of playing loud music late at night, particularly on the weekends, and I was driven out of my house at 1am last night because I just couldn't sleep through it :( I've tried talking to them about it a few times but it hasn't helped. I went to my boyfriends house where I did manage to sleep for a few hours, although he has similar issues there.

I'm hoping that today's run will have me feeling a bit more relaxed than I did yesterday so perhaps I can sleep better. I've been finding the last few runs quite tough - my muscles have been aching a lot during each one and it's made things harder. I don't know if this is normal, or just my body adjusting to the thrice-weekly exercise, but it's a real pain.

The music on this one was really bad :P I keep thinking about all the playlists I'll make when I'm done with the programme. Still the weather is really lovely today, finally some blue sky! I think we're back to rain again next week so I'll enjoy it while I can.

Yesterday I took back Andrew Maxwell's One Inch Punch DVD (don't buy it, it's terrible) and swapped it for Haruki Murakami's book about running. I think it'll make for an interesting read. Does anyone else have any running-related book suggestions? We should start a book club - we could listen to audio files while running along and discuss it at the end :)

Until next time...

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"Born to Run" is brilliant! :-)


Feet in the Clouds.

I am probably getting boring about this one now!

I like the idea of a book club though........


Well done on the completing run 1 of week 6, I just completed that today too. Strangely i found the run 3 of week 5 easier than today, but I am determined to hang in there


Hi Sercreative,

Can't you complain to your landlord/police etc about the noise? I think it's awful that you can't sleep past that time. The local council have to respond if you complain about noise and might give you some noise meters to monitor it with.

As to the running front, yes; different part of the body complain at different times. Sometimes it's the joints/muscles, sometimes it's the lungs/heart. As you get faster and better, different parts complain at the extra work load. Post C25k, if you go on to B210K, ten mile training plans, half marathons, long, slower runs generally you will find that as long as you stick to a certain pace, the lungs and heart are ok, but the joints and muscles will complain at the extended distances.

If you want to, you have a long running career ahead of you (and a lot of different playlists!) It is a journey and an adventure.

A good book is: Running For Women, by Claire Kowalchick, my bible for the last few months. On Amazon:



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