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Less than 2 weeks till mid-summer and ParkRun here today was winter conditions!!

We were pretty wet and cold before the start so I knew it would be a hard run! That was an understatement, it was terrible!! For 3Km the wind and rain was in our faces, oh boy I was so looking forward to the turn around when the wind would help carry me back up the beach path. Not to be, the lower path is sheltered a little bit so although it was easier running there was no assistance from the wind we had had on the top path. Then up the ramp to run the last 500M, wind and rain in my face again, I didn't enjoy this morning, I am proud that I finished it without stopping to even blow my nose, I just let it drip and keep the rain drops company.

I was slower than my first Parkrun two weeks ago which is not a surprise but came in under 35 minutes but official time to be confirmed later today.

Its amazing that we can get such terrible weather when its just under 2 weeks until mid-summer. The olympic torch arrives here on Monday if this keeps up they will never keep the flame going!!!! )O

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Well done on your second park run.The conditions here aren't too bad today but I am looking forward to some sun again. To go out and run in wind and rain deserves a big thumbs up! :)


Wow, you are brave - I still haven't managed to force myself out of the door, it's absolutely chucking it down!


Got my time 34.48 which is not an awful lot slower than the last run when you take into account the wind and rain, although I usually go a bit faster in the rain but the wind is a different matter altogether. :) quite pleased really but must try harder next time.


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