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Oh the wind was strong

Week 8 run 1 along the seafront tonight, my son back from uni agreed to run with me which was a great help, the last time he was home i was struggling to run the 3 minutes of week 3, so he was very impressed with my progess.

I normally run into the wind for the first half of my run so its behind me on the return journey, but for some reason did not apply my logic and did not really think about it until we turned.

Wow the wind was strong and i was 14 minutes running away from the car, but with his encouragement we continued placing one foot in front of the other, and to my amazement we actually overtook a lady we had previously passed whilst running in the other direction, she kept running short distances then walked, then tried again, i hated going past her as i know myself how that feels, i wanted to say C25K to her, then i remembered my bad run of week 6 run2, when i couldn't manage more than 20 secs, and how i felt when i could not run for toffee ( it was during the heat wave, which is now a distant memory)

Anyway more amazingly i managed 28 minutes, and remembered how the thought not so many weeks ago of running 8 then 20 minutes.

If i can do this, then you will too.

Thank you Laura, thank you NHS thanks everyone for your support.

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Well done!

Running by the sea sounds awesome!

It is amazing how quickly the program turns you into a runner. It really does work:-)


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