I had my first run in the wind yesterday, don't know how I've managed to run for nearly 8 months and avoid it. It was quite mild and I was too warm in my running jacket, but every time I unzipped it it filled with air and acted like a massive parachute behind me and I was running on the spot! I really enjoyed it, it was funny! When I got my runners buzz a bit later on I found I was feeling really quite bonkers - I've seen dogs go crackers in the wind, it obviously affects me the same too. Anyone else noticed this?


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16 Replies

  • Hilarious! :D

  • Hahahahahaha! I know the feeling :D

  • There I was thinking Curlygurly might be having a bit of digestive 'trouble'.... :-)

  • I was out in that wind yesterday too and didn't like it at all! Horrible run and felt flipping awful after - still do!

  • Yep! I was running in it today and I got the parachute jacket. I had to take it off! It was flipping boiling in my too many layers. Doh

    I walk a dog with great flappy ears and he goes a bit bonkers in windy weather. I think there are too many smells wafting about and they get a bit heady. Can't say the wind makes me go crackers, I just want to tuck my head down to reduce the drag!

  • Friends who are primary school teachers always say the kids go nuts in windy weather! I've decided never to run in wind like that again. Nasty!

  • I dont mind the wind for running (the atmospheric variety). Pushes you along when it's behind you then pushes against you in the other direction. That's ok, my run may be slower, but it's just another challenge like the hills.

    Fortunately it is not half as unpleasant as having the Wind against you when cycling, which I dont like at all.

  • Back in the days when I used to ride a bike, I always noticed that the wind was against you on the way there, you think Yay! That'll blow me home, but by home time it's always turned around...

  • And I quite enjoyed feeling as mad as a box of frogs after...

  • I bought a bike with a battery so when it's really windy I can put a bit of power on. Much nicer than all that huffing and puffing. I know, that's not the point!!

  • I've noticed my cat gets quite skittish as well when it's windy - I always think it gets in their ears or something!

    It makes running hard work doesn't it - unlike Zev I never seem to feel the benefit of a tail wind, always seem to be running into it! :-)

  • Depends what you mean by wind. It's over 45 mph here at the moment and I can't even open the back of the car to get the shopping out. Hence my name :-)

  • Oh the children at school are always very 'lively' when it's windy outside. Don't know what causes it but it always happens

  • Me Too! I feel like a child when I'm running in the wind and the rain. It brings back very happy memories and I laugh my socks off!

  • I blame the beans!

  • nope definitely not must just be you ;) haha

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