What to do with my Cane?

About 1.5 years ago, at the ripe old age of 32, I needed a cane to walk due mostly to joint problems. It has taken a lot of physiotherapy, orthotics, weight loss and bloody-mindedness to get to a point where I don't need it anymore. But it sits in my closet, waiting, because I have been afraid I might need it again. Then I started C25K, which has been amazing - a miracle that I can run at all, let alone 5K! I am just about to graduate (woot!), and several weeks ago someone asked me what I will do with my cane.

An excellent question: what should I do with my cane? Do I get another one and use them as runners for a tobaggon? Do I donate it to a good cause? Do I wrap it up in ribbons and use it like a banner? Is it a light-saber in disguise?

I was hoping you all might have some good suggestions. It represents the old, hobbled me - who is utterly transformed. Ideally, I will do something special with it this weekend, in preparation for my final graduation run. :)


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  • Use it as a flagpole for a huge C25k graduate banner?

  • The cane will have some of your energy - the strength and determination not to have to use it. Why not donate it with the story of why you don't need it anymore and your path to that point? May be your physio could use it for people who need a psychological boost? Whatever you decide to do, bravo to you!!

  • I agree with Rhona, donate it.

  • What a cool question - I've been thinking about it all day as it's such a potent symbol of your achievement. Unfortunately I've no great idea but was thinking along the lines of using it in the garden to grow a really beautiful plant up and around - that'd show you how far you've come and grown beyond it?

    Rhona's idea of donating to inspire others is fab as well - really interested to see what others come up with.

    Well done though, totally inspiring.

  • I think you should frame it, and another one of you running in your first 5k race, along with your race medal etc. Well done on what you have achieved!


  • How about giving it to the doctor who diagnosed your condition and prescribed all those treatments. You could tell him or her to pass on the good news about C25K - you might help others that way.

  • fit it with hooks, hang it on the wall and use it as a rack for all your running medals.

    Good luck with your graduation run X

  • That is a quality idea!

    Great story Alaiyo, well done, true grit!

  • Most excellent idea...wish I had an X-ray of my two slipped discs from two years ago...dr said I needed an op, I said no thanks, lost 35 pounds, took up running. Not had a repeat and back is fine now.

    It's amazing what we can do if we really want to!


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