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Week 4

I've just completed the first run of Week 4 today. The thought of running TWICE for 5 minutes really worried me when I first started this programme but .... I did it! The last two minutes of the last 5 minutes were a bit of a psychological battle, but now I've done it I realise that the programme does work and maybe....just maybe, I will be able to tackle those longer runs after all!! Fingers crossed.

I've learned a bit on the way. Firstly not to try and run too fast. I'm running on a treadmill at the moment and my heart rate went a bit too high when doing the running on Week 1, so I have slowed down to 7.3 and I can actually breathe (which is always a good thing....!).

Secondly, to filter out the very irritating gym instructor, who has decided to make it his job to keep coming over advising me to speed up or "you'll never manage 5k goal within 9 weeks" and "do you know how far 5k is? It's very far you know". When I politely told him that I had no intention of speeding up and I'll get there at my own pace he said that "wasn't the attitude". Mr Anti-Motivator!! Earphones and music did the trick :)

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Oh dear. Please ignore that man! He's most definitely in the wrong job! You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. You're listening to your body and going at the perfect pace for yourself.

The C25k program is about getting you up to running for 30 minutes. For speedy people that will mean 5k (or even more!) by the end of 9 weeks but for the vast majority of us on here our C25k graduation does not involve running as far as 5k. I graduated nearly a year ago and STILL can't run 5k in 30 minutes but I can run 5k, 10k and even did a 10 miler and that's what matters. God loves snails just as much as he loves hares. :) :)


Thank you! Yes my goal is the 30 minutes not the 5k and I'll keep slowing, if need be, to get there.


I'll absolutely echo what AnneDroid said. You're completely right to ignore him - trying to run faster than your body is able to do, in order to reach an artificial target, will only lead to disillusionment (at best) and injury (at worst). Far better to do as you're doing, and to go at the pace which is manageable for you - you're right, being able to breathe definitely helps! ;)

I love your attitude! :)


Your doing great ignore Mr Misery !! Just say to him "Where's the fire". I'm a couple of months away from my Runniversay (What everyone calls their running anniversary) and still can't do 5K in 30 minutes. I have concentrated on my time ignoring distance and speed now run for 45 minutes for about 6 1/2K . My aim is to gradually work up to 5 miles (just over 8K). That will take me near to running for an hour and that will probably be the maximum for me.

Don't intend to do marathons but good luck to those that do. I just need to strike right balance with other stuff in life. Also (as others on this forum will be bored with me saying !) I said to my myself " My aim was to run for 30 minutes, get fit and healthy, ensuring I don't have a life on medication (was close to becoming diabetic), anything else is a bonus".

I do like a challenge and vary my route and occasionally experiment with podcasts. I have found that I have built up what I call a "stamina buffer". I can run for about 45 minutes or more but when I drop down to 5K it is easy so never set myself up for a bad run. I have found that my speed increases without trying. My parkrun just before Xmas was 35 minutes for 5K. I plan to do one in July/August (Can't do regularly due to working Saturdays) and will probably be a bit quicker than that. I won't cry if I don't beat 35 minutes because I always compare myself to my lethargic couch potato self a year ago.

I still get a smile on my face whatever sort of run I have because I am fit and healthy physically and mentally and doing more with my life.

Main thing is to be happy. Good luck.


My mistake was to tell him I was doing the couch to 5k ... despite him never having heard of it he hooked on to the 5k aspect!

I aspire to be able to get outdoors running and then take part in park runs. Great to hear about other people's achievements!

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Oh how rude of that man!! Glad you have blocked him out. I dare him to come on here and try tell people what to do :D

Well done with the longer runs by the way !


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