Fed up 😕

On w4r2, it was torture today for some reason, tried to stay positive but by end of last run it literally was one foot in front of the other with a slight bounce to it! Got home to find out I was unsuccessful with a job I was feeling quite hopeful about... Oh well, will just think good things on run 3 😳And remind myself how much progress I've made 🦄 Just posting this to rant I think!


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11 Replies

  • So, the last run wasn't just one foot in front of the other? It had a little bounce too?! That's pretty good going if you ask me ;) Some runs just don't feel as good as others but just one more and you can lock away week 4! You have totally the right attitude in 'look how far I've come' and that will take you right the way through to the end of the programme :)

  • I too have struggled with wk 4 it's weird as the previous weeks have been good? I'm onto my last run of wk 4 tomo can honestly say be glad to see back of this week lol. Here's hoping wk 5 settles us both back down.! 😊

  • Keep going julie...I just finished W4 R3 today and was mentally challenging but got there. I didn't get a job I thought I would a few weeks ago and was devastated and it really knocked my confidence but got one last week and it's a much better one so all well in the end so don't lose hope onwards and onwards on both counts :-)

  • I just did w4 r3. I've had two weeks out for a back injury (from another sport). Had to push myself a bit at the end.

  • Don't be fed up......you did it even though it was tough and that is something to smile about :-). Sorry about the job - that's always a knock. You are almost at the end of W4 - keep going and remind yourself how far you have come. Good luck with R3

  • Rant away. Some runs are just like that! Don't be down, the next will probably be just fine.

    Bad luck about the job application - obviously just wasn't meant to be. Something better will come along.

  • There are definitely days like that. Ironically enough - I only started the programme because a job that I should have been approved for in '7 - 10 days' took nearly three months because a stupid computer snarled up. Then a guy on the way to his best friends funeral slammed into the back of my car and it was in the shop for almost three weeks - and I was scared to death something would happen while I was driving the very expensive Rental Car they gave me. And a whole other bunch of stuff was going on...it really was a VERY grim time. This Running started on a whim - but I do believe it is a lifesaver on many many levels. Don't stop running with us please - even the worst day running is a deposit in the bank of 'at least I have ---- '

  • As everyone says don't give up. Some runs are harder for no known reason. Enjoy a rest day then get out there again. And sorry about the job - it's their loss!!

  • Thanks everyone that's really cheered me up. I'm feeling better after calming myself down. I'm not giving up on this 😍 It's the most important thing just now to get fitter.

  • The running journey you are on will, in my experience, help somewhat to keep life's ups and downs in perspective. Appreciate your bounce. That is really positive!

  • Sometimes we have bad runs and there's just no rhyme or reason to it. Usually a good run follows though! Sorry to hear about the job. I like to think that everything happens for a reason so maybe something better for you is just around the corner. :)

    Well done for staying positive. You have done so well to get this far! Keep in mind where you started and that will help you push towards Week 9.

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