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w6r3 ... accomplished!!

Went to the doctors today to talk about my left foot that has been giving trouble. Apparently as I am running I am over rotating my foot. The numbness is from putting all the impact on one side of the foot instead of the whole foot. What does this mean and how do I correct the situation ... orthopedics here I come. At this point I am willing to do whatever it takes to be able to run without having a gimpy left foot.

With all this said, I set out tonight to achieve the 25 minute run in w6r3. I did it!!! For the last 7 minutes foot was numb and definitely not cooperating with me. As soon as Laura told me I could slow down I bent down of very wobbly legs and took my shoe off (this usually helps with the numbness) ... I may have pushed it a bit because the whole 10 minute walk home I did not get the feeling back in my foot. This kind of concerns me because on June 16th I have a 5k run that I have signed up for. I have an appointment on Thursday with the orthopedic people ... I wonder how long it takes to go them in?

Anyways ... I did it!!


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Hi JD Girl, that sounds awful - good job you've got the professionals on the case and totally well done for keeping going. Just make sure you follow their advice when you see them on Thursday and maybe go back to your running shop afterwards to look into those moulded insoles or something flash?

I'm doing my first 5k race on June 16th as well - R4L Guildford - where are you running? I'm sure you'll make it, you've clearly got the winner's attitude!!


Yes my boyfriend brought home last night a pair of inserts, I will definately will give them a try.

I am actually from Ontario, Canada so I will be running in the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance's Fathers Day 5 k classic.

Good Luck on the 16th!!


After reading Born to Run, I'm inclined to become an advocate for barefoot running over orthotics, etc. Have decided to give it a go to see if it helps with my Plantar Fasciitis - nothing else seems to!!!


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