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Wk6run1 one more time :-)

The past few weeks have been a trial around our place. The kids had the flu first, then me . We are going into winter and it is cold in the morning (I am in Sydney) Don't know how all you Brits manage in the cold and wet my hat is off to you :-) As I missed 2 weeks,I decided to go back to week 6 and repeat it and it was a wonderful idea.....I'm on the road again ! It was just right as I was able to walk a bit and hopefully build my stamina back up again. once i was out there it was just beautiful early in the morning and after running for awhile i was not cold I was sweating ! I have found I really love running , hope I can keep this up through winter. Could do with some hints on what you do in the cold and wet though ,it seems like you all still run , Is that right ?

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Ouch! The flu is awful.

I am just about to do W6R1 and it is nice here in Scotland just now.

I`ve run on a few colder days at the start of the programme and found a hat ,gloves and gilet were the business :-)

Although I had to park the gilet on a bush on one run and pick it up on the way back :-)

We can get four seasons in one day here so I guess I`ve been lucky so far, ask me again in February, lol

I`ve also had to repeat a couple of runs due to injuries/old age but I`m in it for the longhaul so trying not to be too impatient.

Good luck in your next run.


I'm a bit older and in it for the long haul as well. Hat and gloves sound like the go...don't wear them often in Sydney, In fact I will have to buy gloves :-) . I guessing a gilet is a jacket ? I know we all speak the same language but I don't always get alll the slang! I was thinking of maby a lite rain coat or something too, do they make running gear that is like a rain coat or do you just not worry and get wet? Yes I know I am a bit of a wuss!


Hiya, a gilet is a sleeveless jacket.

I started this in November and then ventured outdoors in feb and it was minus 2! I LOVE running in the cold, whereas the heat just creases me - you wont find me complaning about this cold summer we are mostly having here in UK :-)

I bought tops from a running shop, in the sale. The base layer is for when it is very cold. I wore that under a normal/lightweight long sleeve running top. The base layer top has loops at the end of the sleeves that you put your thumbs in so it sort of covers your hands a bit.

Light weight gloves were essential (altho once I warmed up i usually stuffed them in my back pocket).

I then bought a very cheap light fleece jacket (from Marks) to go over it to start off, but I usually ended up tying that round my waist after a mile or two. But it was very much needed at the end of the run for the cool down walk.

I wore either a hat or a headband like this one

I wore my ordinary rather thin running leggings but next winter will buy a cold weather pair.

Good luck :-)


Thanks for all the ideas off to the sports gear store I go :-)


A gillet is a bit like a bodywarmer:)


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