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week 8 run 1

manged to run for 28 mins but having some problems for the last 3 or 4 runs i have had problems with feeling sick after about 20 minutes and it takes a few hours for this to wear off. Its making me find it difficult to go out there and run because i don't want to feel worse i want to feel like i used to and great and so am struggling to stick with the program. I keep going but it takes me more days between runs because i don't want to feel ill after a run and so instead of just one day between runs i'm leaving 3 days.

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I am in week 8 and definitely finding that things have ramped up a lot starting week 7 and continuing. I think it is an issue of stamina. Sure, we can run 25 or 28 minutes (or possibly longer) once a week, with a couple short runs while we recover, but doing it over and over is tough. I am beginning to suspect it is designed to be, which would explain why we only run 3 min and then 2 min more per week after week 7, when we went from 5 min to 20 min in one week in week 5.

If you are feeling unwell during your runs, you could be dehydrated. I find I can't drink large amounts before my runs - they don't sit well in the tummy - but are you drinking *at least* 2L per day of non-caffeinated beverages? With running, the ideal amount of hydration might even be more than that. So fill up that big bottle and sip it all day long. And consider carrying a small bottle with you to swig now and again during your runs.

Also, you may be having trouble recovering because you might need more nutrition and sleep. Recovery only happens during sleep, so if you are not getting 8 hours per night, your body is doing a rush-job on the repairs. And if you are not eating very well (getting enough protein and veggie-nutrients, especially), your body may be doing repairs with second-rate parts.

Nutrition is a fairly controversial thing, so take this part with a grain of salt: are you getting adequate complex carbs before you exercise? (There are other ways to fuel your run, but this is a time-tested popular route.) A small bowl of oatmeal, a banana, a cup of pasta, etc. may keep your energy up while you run, which may prevent nausea or other unpleasantness. Keep it small though, and an hour before you run, preferably, to offset other challenges of eating before running.

Resting longer between runs is one way to try to address the issue, but you could also slow your pace a bit and keep your schedule. If I exercise at too high intensity, I start to feel awful about halfway - so that is another thing to look at.

Good luck!


I think it could be to do with going a little too fast, possibly not being hydrated enough, and not having a snack before you run? It didn't matter on the shorter runs but the longer you run the more you need to think about this.

I usually have porridge an hour before I run or if I am running later a banana (not too ripe) and a few dried apricots about half hr before I run.

Also take water to sip on as you run.

I sometimes feel a bit sick just after I finish but a drink usually sorts me out.

Good luck.


I had the sickness for a while, my brother said it was an acid thing? Anyway, I bought some rennies, chewed 1 before I ran and 2 straight after and had a snack straight after that. I did that till my pack of rennies ran out and I haven't had the sickness since. I think a big part of it was getting hydration and my diet right and the rennie just settled my stomach while I did it.


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