A quicker 5K (than last week's anyhow!)


Less heat = slightly more speed obviously! Nearly a whole minute faster than the hot Thursday evening eleven days ago where I kept the route flatter as well. Tonight's was definitely a little more hilly!

Well I had to get a head start on burning off the chinese takeaway I ordered as soon as I'd finished, and even did my stretches outside the takeaway while waiting for it to cook!!


5 Replies

  • That was really good Carole C. Would never get that fast.

    No runs for me today but walked from Whitsable to Herne Bay In Kent and back about 8 or 9 miles plus liquid refreshment stops. It was lovely

  • This is the second time you've posted spam sales rubbish under my blog posts - I've just reported you - go away!

  • Great time! I'm impressed at running while your chinese is cooking! :)

  • That's an incredible time - I can only dream of going that fast!

  • I'm glad you post, as it gives me some ideas about time and so on, but I also realize I am going very, very slow :-)

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