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I've had a great week! 6 down and on to 7

Hello fellow non couchies. I have enjoyed going back to intervals after the exhausting 20 minute run in week 5. Today was week 6 run 3 a run that I had not been in to much of a hurry to do as I found the previous long run tiring. I really like the intervals, but the weather was much cooler and today was the day to face 25 minutes without the tantrums of the week 5 run. I had got over that mental challenge and so I couldnt really make a fuss about another little 5 minutes could I?

It was really fine and I don't feel like the only place I need to be is bed! I knew that I could run for 20 minutes and reasoned with myself this wasn't much different. So on I go to week 7 - unbelievable - and three 25 minute runs.

One thing I noticed was that as my legs got tired and I had another 5 minutes to go I changed my style a bit, I was using my thighs much more than before as I think you use more energy this way so I tend to put a lot of the strain on my lower leg! Not really sure what I'm talking about, just noticed a change. Maybe I can experiment during week 7. Gosh week 7! Me!!

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Well done! Week 9 before you know it! :)


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