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First post graduate run, feeling great.

This morn I set off on my first run since graduating on Saturday. I decided to make a new playlist on my ipod( mostly scissor sisters, find their songs have a good beat), put some David guetta on as well. Anyway, I changed my route, my 5k route was getting boring, also it was full of neverending gradients. This route had hills put not killer hills, after my 5 min warm up, I ran constantly for 40mins, and I covered a greater distance, think it was due to my route not having punishing gradients that are just continuous, well it felt looked that. Anyway I think I clipped about 4 and a half mile, might be more ( will have to check it with the car later). Anyway still buzzing, still motivated and feeling fresh.

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That's just amazing! What a great first run off-programme! Congrats :) x


Thank you very much.


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