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First run after Graduation - Lots to learn but feeling great!


Well I was thinking about a park run, but didn't feel up to it this morning. I looked at my qualifying run earlier in the week and whilst I did the 5 k in 33mins, I felt that I was pushing it too hard for my level fitness.

So instead I resolved to go for a nice steady run today. This was one of my better decisions. Beautiful day down here, running through the forest lanes, chatting away to my ( very fit) son who was down for the weekend. I decided to track heart rate and the tech really does help when you are a beginner. When it went up too much, I simply slowed down and then got into a nice comfortable pace. The result was we covered 5.6Km in 44 minutes and I feel great. Plan now is to keep on consolidating and just enjoy this new hobby..... However, I do still fancy a parkrun or two!

Keep running all. Picture of my favourite tree attached....

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Soon you'll be hurdling that gate ;)

johnm12Graduate in reply to Midriff_Crisis

Ha. I'll send you a photo if I do!


Fabulous photo and good decision re consolidation.

Enjoy your valuable time with your son. It's great you now have a hobby you can share.


Lovely photo, looks like a fab place to run 😊


Woodland vs Parkrun - sounds like you did what was right for you and I bet your son is really proud of his dad? Personally I’m with you and love running in woodland and am very lucky to have it on my doorstep.

Don’t be put off about Parkrun though, I did my first one today and EVERYONE is so friendly and they all cheer you on which I really really needed at points. You decide when you want to do one and I hope you love the new experience when you do it.

johnm12Graduate in reply to AbiT

Thanks AbiT. Yeah I think he is surprised as well. We had a great time. Will definitely do a park run. Just want to consolidate but I really enjoyed today. See you out there!

Sounds a great way to celebrate post graduation, with your son enjoying a run. Glorious

johnm12Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

Thankyou it was quite special.


Great photo- sounds a lovely run - well done 😄


Lovely run and great to do it with your son real quality time. Mines home from uni in 3 weeks and we are going todo a park run together can’t wait 🏃🏃👍


Very well done and a beautiful photograph too !

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