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Week 7 done; but it was tough!

So yesterday, I completed week 7; three runs at 25 minutes and each one was tough.

Yesterday's was particularly tough but I'm not sure why. I changed route to try and break the monotony of the last 7 weeks. It was a little less hilly. I also changed music, I didn't listen to the podcast, instead opting for the RunKeeper app on my phone along with my own music. That made things easier too (more energetic upbeat dance music I'm more accustomed too)... Yet I found it really tough, tough to the point that when I hit 24 minutes I actually stopped dead in my tracks before continuing for the last minute.

The fact I stopped for a step or two really got to me, but it's more the fact that I struggled to hit 25 minutes that's bugging me.

How am I meant to do 28 minutes next time?

My wife is going away for a couple of days and I've got the little one at home for the next few so I'm taking a couple of days off the running (my hip is really painful today too!) and I'm hoping things will be a lot easier on Thursday!

Do I head out and aim to do the 28 minutes on Thursday or due to the 4 day break, drop back to 25 minutes for another run?

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