Couch to 5K

Back on track

Should've completed week two on Thursday but because of doing too much on Day Two Tuesday I was out of action with gout attack and stiff tendons combined. Not a double whammy to recommend :-( anyway, foot still a little gouty but feeling bored, fidgety and generally hacked off at sitting indoors watching the rain hit the windows, and listening to boats tooting horns down south on the telly I cracked and fired up the treadmill. Took it easy with slower speeds than I had been doing but finished week two and feel all the better for it. Week three starts Tuesday. I am half a week behind but you can't run off an injury without doing more damage so glad I used my brain not my heart to make the decision. Guess I will benefit long term from the enforced lay off.

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Its not a race, just go through the plan at whatever speed you need to go at. I didn't run for an entire week and then repeated week 6 so it took me 11 weeks, same for lots of thers too. Don't stress, just do it.

Well done so far :)


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