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Old ladies in the rain...W5R1

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It takes a very good friend to ageee to set off in the pouring rain at 8am on a Sunday (husband at window, shaking head...) to support and join in with this Magic Programme.

And although she is on W1R3, she overtook me! I must be barely jogging, honestly, but it works for me and I feel so good at the end. I did increase the pace for the last 5 min run; it’s just the fear of not completing the session that keeps me going so slowly.

I am doing the Flex and Stretch on 3 rest days and am chuffed at having made it so far. Does anyone think I should try to speed up earlier? It’s the 20 min on Friday looming high in my fear-brain!

We looked like drowned rats by the end, but we both loved it.

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I have the 20 min on Friday too. Dreading it, but am determined to do it

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BlitzyGraduate in reply to FlossnCharlie

Virtually with you then. Good luck!

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Don't fear the 20 minute run! I know that's easier said than done though as I was fearing it all week last week. However, please believe what people say on here as it's true! As long as you've done all the other runs you will be ready and the satisfaction when you've done it will be worth it. Just take it slow and steady and it'll be over before you know it. I was amazed I managed it but I was obviously ready. Have faith in the app but most importantly, have faith in you!

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BlitzyGraduate in reply to hilsry

Thanks so much!

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Definitely I would not suggest speeding up earlier, I believe the key is in your sentence "it works for me and I feel so good at the end".

I started week 9 this morning* and I started off even slower than I ever have before, and about halfway through I felt really good, and towards the end I could definitely speed up. Contrast this with Thursday; I went out for a 20 minute run as I didn't have a lot of time and I just wanted to get a run in because it had been a few days (week 8 is 28 minutes, so I know I can do 20.). I started off a bit fast and realised 10 minutes in that I was flagging and that I could have been running slower, and when I slowed down I felt a bit better but still tired. Yes, I was also a bit dehydrated (it was quite sunny and I hadn't drunk what I normally do) but still starting off faster made a negative difference.

Speed can come later!

*it's taken me longer than 8 weeks to get here and it hasn't been easy!

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FlossnCharlieGraduate in reply to icklegui

I ran too fast on Thursday in the heat and really struggled with the last 5 min one but yesterday I started slowly and it was much easier so I will note that for my 20 min too.

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This is really helpful, thanks and well done you!

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ickleguiGraduate in reply to Blitzy

you'll be here soon making the same posts to the next crop of week 5ers :)

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No don't speed up! It's about finishing each session. That's it! Nothing else.

Good luck! You can do it. Slow and steady

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Thank you!

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Are you using the NHS Flex and Strength programme? I just downloaded it but haven't started yet and I think I must be about 1 run ahead of you. Do you find it helps? Although I'm loving the running I can't seem to find the motivation to start this one.

Don't go too fast for the 20 min run and you'll be fine!

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BlitzyGraduate in reply to siobhp

Thanks! Yes, I do the NHS Flex and Strength on rest days and find it very useful, but if you’ve done yoga etc (which I haven’t) the exercises are all pretty obvious. I like the structure and hope it helps avoid injury....

Your support much appreciated and good luck with your next run!

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