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Week Five Run One

I think my body was expecting another rest day as I had two in a row last weekend but nope, sorry body!

I left my boyfriend to sleep in and went out for my usual route. This time I undershot the place where I usually stop by a fair way because I didn't turn back for home early enough. It was nice running a bit further along the path though, I'm curious to see where it ends. Maybe if there's a race along there in future, I'll do it.

This run went like an absolute dream for all intents and purposes. It was still tough to keep at it, but I managed it and I was barely out of breath by the end of the third five minute run. I know this week I'll be stepping things up a lot but I reckon I can do it. I haven't got any major health complications and I'm not overweight, just a bit unfit and chubby. I don't see any problems in finishing the programme on time.

My friend gave me some birthday money to buy some equipment for my runs, which was very nice. Does anyone have any advice for something which could measure how far I'm running? I have a smartphone but no internet access so that's not an option, unfortunately.

On this run I was the one smiling at people running the other way, which they seemed to appreciate! There was one guy who kept stopping and starting, looking very out of breath and checking his watch. I thought about telling him about C25K but I'm not quite that brave. Perhaps I will if I see him again.

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That's why we need the Cto5K tee shirts! Well done on your run, it sound like it went like clockworkl.


I love my garmin 110 ladies version. It costs around £100 but is great.

Otherwise have you had gait analysis and the right trainers? They are a really good investment with your birthday money.

A good free means of measuring your route is goodrunningguide.

Tee shirts hopefully coming soon....just waiting for c25k to let us know what we can do....


Yes, Garmin 110 seconded :-)


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