Couch to 5K

Back to week 5 or pick up where I left off?

I finished week 5 last Monday morning with no problems. I had been running Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday which worked well for me so I was keen to get back to that. I ran W6R1 on Tuesday night and felt great til my calf started playing up in the last 5 minutes of running. Rested Wednesday and Thursday and it gradually improved. On Friday I swam over a mile for my son's school swimathon. The aches following that have been arm and shoulder not legs at all, and not injuries but just unaccustomed to swimming so far! Calf feeling ok and I want to run today. Not sure whether to go and do week 5 again, start week 6 again with run 1 or continue with week 6 run 2. Any thoughts? My goal is a Race for Life on July 15th.

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Just checked the time of blog and you might have already made your choice. I'd just get on with wk6 run 2 and see how it goes :)


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