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forecast heavy rain-run outside or on the TM?

What do people think about running in the rain? I'm scheduled for W8R2 tomorrow, and the forecast looks bad. I found W8R1 really hard, but I got too hot, no danger of that with rain I suppose. OR I could go on the treadmill, but I havent been on for a while because its been too boring when compared to outside. Will I get blisters?? I've never run in even a smidge of rain before...

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Love the rain,can run the best when it raining as I feel so cool.


Although I always feel a bit more reluctant to go out when it's raining - when it was really rainy in April I actually started to enjoy it! Much better than the sweltering heat anyway, and I've not noticed blisters being a problem at all, just very muddy legs because I run in the woods

Plus I also quite like feeling like you're a hardcore runner because you've gone out in the rain haha


As I keep saying 'if it's not raining it's not training' :)

Rain running feels fab when you get hot! Try it and see


So I did the run, and was slightly disappointed that I was only braving heavy drizzle rather than the downpour I had psyched myself up for. In fact, I think my initial trepidation about doing the run at all was that I had felt terrible after W8R1 to the extent of thinking I might have to give up. It was much much easier today. When I analysed the run afterwards using my birthday present Garmin Forerunner, I realised that I have dropped my pace quite a bit, and so my max heart rate was also a little slower (168 compared to 181) and I think this made all the difference. I have recovered much more quickly, but I think I must resign myself to a slower pace which makes it seem unlikely that I will achieve 5K in 30min or under in the RfL in 3 weeks. Especially as there are rumours of a hill at the location! Never mind, I wouldnt have been able to run for 28 minutes as I did today even if my life had depended on it 8 weeks ago, and I would never have run on a Sunday at 6am in the rain (OK, drizzle). I will stay positive.


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