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W5 Paused!

Hi all,

Last time I wrote here I'd not completed W5R3 and was disheartened.

I have only ran once since then (yesterday) and ran 2x 5 mins with the x-trainer in between then a swim.

I ran better and felt better, so am going to re-run week 5 and fingers crossed I will complete all three runs 2nd time round.

I have been referred to a Physiotherapist for painful hips which make me limp predominately on my left side, which makes running difficult.Hopefully I'll get some exercises to loosen up the hip muscles and I'll be able to run like a gazelle! :)

My eating had been rubbish prior to W5R3 so felt sluggish but I've stepped up my healthy eating and swim on 'rest' days, I feel ready to crack on with running and have just ordered some shorts!

Woo Hoo

Oh I also registered for parkrun recently and will pluck up the courage to go to a session soon.


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That's brilliant well done, glad you're feeling better! Hope the physio helps you even more :)

Good luck with repeating the week, though I'm sure you'll be fab! I move onto Week 5 next run as well, so I'm sure we can all do it. Positive thinking!!

I've found my eating and hydration dramatically affects my runs as well, so have stepped up my healthy eating as well - we'll be fit and toned athletes in no time :)

Good luck with the park run when you go!


Thanks for your encouragement. :)

I feel so much better mentally to carry on with the C25K after a set-back,

This forum definitely helps.



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