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w5 r2 - in the pouring rain!


Even though it was pouring with rain, I actually WANTED to go out. What is this madness? I'm not sure I could say I enjoyed it, but I didn't hate it today which is definite progress. As always I was apprehensive of the step up, but the gremlins were noticeably quieter today (sadly I think they are regrouping somewhere, ready to launch a concerted attack on Sunday - w5r3).

It amazes me that I've got this far, especially having been halted so early on my first attempt. How easy it would have been to give up then, but how much I would have missed out on.

Hoping for much nicer weather with a helpful tailwind on Sunday!

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You weren't the only one out in it 😃 I was out there, with jog group. We had a runner on her very first run. What a night for a debut, poor lass.

Your next run will be better 😃✔️👍

linda9389Ambassador in reply to misswobble

Oh my! What an introduction!

I did W4R1 in the rain, and I'm certain the cooling effect helped me get through it.

linda9389Ambassador in reply to PruesDad

I agree. The cool rain was more pleasant than I expected (though I couldn't see anything through my glasses as they steamed up on the cool down walk haha)


Just smashed W5R3 and certain the rain helped!! Hope ypu enjoy Sunday and the wind is indeed in your favour!

linda9389Ambassador in reply to Sweatyfaced

well done! really hope I can smash that one too - can only imagine how wonderful it must feel to complete that one


Yes it was quite warm. While running that is. I was glad of a hot bath afterwards 🛀 and a cup of cocoa ☕️

linda9389Ambassador in reply to misswobble

ahh yes- tonight's shower was very good! i work outdoors too - always love the hot shower that follows working in the rain and the mud

SlinkymalinkiGraduate in reply to misswobble

I had a great 5k run on Weds pm followed by a hot bath with a cup of tea - a great excuse to be in a dressing gown by 5pm & not do any more work that evening!

linda9389Ambassador in reply to Slinkymalinki

Ooh nice!


Perhaps we can dispatch your gremlin off somewhere with mine? I'm due to do w5r3 tomorrow, although looking at my diary might have to postpone until Sat....,

linda9389Ambassador in reply to SueKen

great idea! good luck with your r3


I joined the rest of you yesterday - in my case I ran with a beginners running group, over 50 of us!! - we squelched through muddy fields, through pouring rain, with running coaches who were happy and cheerful and who were clear that you only get wet once and after that it's OK provided you kept running so you don't get cold ..... so from them to me it was " NO! you can't stop yet and NO! you aren't going to die." That shower afterwards was pure bliss. It's taken me many years, but I think I've finally lost the plot because I will do it again. Have a good runners' weekend everyone.

linda9389Ambassador in reply to davidhwynn

Ooh that sounds messy! Madness in the mud 😀

I went out too - first 5k in the pouring rain and it was lovely - apart from the van driver who deliberately aimed for the gigantic puddle at the side of the road and completely drenched me 😫 I had a few choice words to say....🙊

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