Freaking out about W5!

I'm on Week 4 Run 2, and both this week I've found really hard. Previous weeks have not been too strenuous, and I've made the jumps between weeks without too many tears (As in, physically it's tough, but the worry that I'm not going to make it is worse and once I've got going I've even started to enjoy it) But now its getting a lot harder and I really don't think I'm capable of doing an 8minute stretch.

My last run involved quite a big hill, and was really badly timed in that I got to the bottom of it just as my first 5m run started - awful timing! While I managed to keep going for two minutes or so, I had to slow down and walk, despite really hating myself for it, but knowing I simply couldnt have done it! I did 5mins later on, on the flat, but my that time I was exhausted and could barely put one foot in front of the other, let alone at any sort of reasonable pace.

I have had some aches and pains, mainly in my ankles, but this was also the first time I've had stitch which didnt help. ( I acutally blame Laura for this, as it started about 2 minutes after she started talking about it!)

I think I'm either looking for reassurance that its ok to re-do a week - or that my fears are unfounded and I'll sail through w4r3 and on to the next one (yeah, right!) I really dont want to be stuck doing 5mins for ever!



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12 Replies

  • Now SLOW down!! Slow down in your thoughts and in your running speed! First bit of advice is not to look ahead in the podcasts to see what you're going to be doing for the next runs. It is very off-putting. Only a few weeks ago, I bet that you were struggling with running for one minute a few times?

    Keep your pace nice and steady to make sure that you get to the end of each run. It's about the length of time that you run for not the speed that you run. Even if you feel that you look daft running slowly just keep the speed down to ensure success. The speed and pace will come in their own time.

    Good luck!

  • I have completed Week 4 and this evening will begin the dreaded Week 5! I have to say, I'm also a wee bit terrified! But like I have seen on this forum time and time again, we must trust that Laura will get us through. I am sure every single graduate of the programme has felt the same anxieties as us at this stage but they've all gone on to finish week 9 and beyond, and so will we! The hardest part of this was putting our trainers on at the start of Week 1 and giving it a go - and we smashed that! Good Luck and keep us posted!

  • Slooooowww down....don't worry about speed...I know it's easier said then done as I struggle with that myself, but then I remind myself as I get winded to slow down it's not about the speed it's about endurance..don't be so hard on yourself follow the program and take it easy...slow and steady...we don't want any injuries! Good job on getting out there...and it's ok to start your week over 90% of the people who has started this program repeated at least one's got off the couch so pat yourself on the back. YOU GOT THIS!!!

  • Surely, if you need to, you can just repeat a run, or a week of runs. Don't let yourself be put off.

  • I'm repeating 2 runs from week 4 as I had to have 5 mins breaks instead if 90secs after the last 3min run, but yesterday I managed to do exactly as instructed!

  • go at a steady pace the main thing is that you finish your run try 10 mins fast walking of you dnt like the the other warm ups we have all been there head up and good luck

  • I had hills to get up and I found them so off-putting early on that I found some flat trails to run on. You don't want to be turned off so I'd stick to the flat til you've built up a bit more stamina. You will get there but you just need to stick with laura. Have a rest day between runs. There is no problem with running the week again and lots of us have done it.

  • Definitely slow down. I can actually walk faster than I am jogging but hope that my stamina will slowly improve. My w1r1 was along a strech with hilly bits and they all seemed to come on the runs rather than the walks, so I changed my route.

    Also, yesterday the wind was gusting at 34mph so I was back and forth long the same stretch walking into the wind and jogging with it behind me.

  • Wow Guys! I wasnt expecting any response at all really - and this has just blown me away (like Windswept, lol??) I wish i could record your wise words and play them alongside Laura's to motivate me! In fact I think I'll print out this thread as a reminder not to panic.

    I will try to slow down - although I really am not going fast at all I promise you! Its definitely good advice to cut out the hill for the time being - I don't know what I was thinking. Well, I do, its the only way to get a bit of greenery in among my otherwise boring, urban runs that are more not very inspiring. It feels better and more impressive to say I "ran" up the Scrubs and along the canal, than just around the block a bit. Oh well - something to aim for!

    Anyway, I have planned W4R3 for tmw after work, and will see how I feel after that.

    Thank you all for being so nice about my collywobbles!

  • If you get to a an uphill bit when you are about to start running, why not turn round and go the other way, then when Laura says you're half way through, turn round and come back again. You should then be able to walk up the hill - or at least some of it, depending on how long it goes on for.

    I have very little by way of flat bits near me and quite often run backwards and forwards along the last part of the run to get to the time I'm aiming for. I suppose some people think I'm a bit odd doing that, but then they probably think I'm a bit odd to be out there running in the first place.

  • i have just finished week 4 run 3 this evening and like you am worried about even starting week5, but i am just gonna go for it and see what happens. I am slow when running like many others on here, but as i have never done running or jogging i don't expect to be fast. In fact i think i am only just covering just over 2.5k in the time i am out, can't imagine that i will be doing 5k eventually. Don't be so hard on yourself, you have got this far i am sure you will get there in the end, that is the attitude i am adopting. At the end of the day anything is better than being a couch potato!!!!

  • You are doing great! I run along our local canal towpath. It is a 20 mile around trip and I have only seen about 5k of it so far!! Just wondered if was worth you driving/finding a long flatter terrain with a better view to inspire you. I am on wk 5 and hope to complete it this week but if not, will do what is comfortable until moving on. I really want to see the rest of canal wildlife!!

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