Couch to 5K

30 mins - wow!!!!!!!!!

Just skipped week 8 and went straight to 30 mins! And it was ok.

I know I'll get a telling off from Laura, but I was struggling with 25 mins, doing it but exhausted. I began to think that this was a mental thing, and if I set my sights on 28 or 30 I might find it easier. After all, Laura tells us how long we've run for so I could always stop.

But today it felt good. Probably perfect running conditions, cool, overcast and not too windy.

Will I be able to do this again? Will I be able to walk tomorrow?

Time alone will tell.

In the meantime, on a Jubilee high!

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Woo well done! You are right, it is all in the mind and sometimes you just need to change things. Fantastic achievement. :D

Jubilation for the Jubilee :)


That's incredible, well done! I'm about to move onto Week 5 and can't imagine running even 20 mins, never mind 30 so that's a massive achievement, congrats!

Hope your legs aren't too sore tomorrow, and that you have a fab Jubilee weekend (4 days off work, woohoo!) x


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