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Start of week 9, I need my mojo back

i confess, i've had a week off running. I did a walk last weekend - 6 miles of up hill and down very stoney dale that although my general fitness was much better than it had been, it left my calf muscles very painfull.

I finally risked a run Wed and only managed 30 mins by including a 5 min walk. Up early today and determined to be better, but felt awful, hot, lonely (hubby at work/dog asleep) and only did half way. I'm very dissapointed in myself and only 3 weeks to race for life.

I need some inspiration and advice.....perhaps do some more intervals and build myself back up.....or is it just my get up and go has got up and gone. help!

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can you run with anyone else? It's always easier with a buddy. Don't forget that if you're also walking dogs, you're getting lots of exercise already and perhaps you're a bit tired. If you're the type of person who responds to challenges (and I think you must be or you wouldn't have started this programme), try and set yourself a little target: faster during middle five minutes, for example, and before you know it the 30 minutes is over!


I know it's easier said than done but don't stress you've just had a couple of bad runs (I had my first ones in w8!). I'd give yourself a couple of rest days and then give it another go. I'll bet you'll be fine. You still have plenty of time before race for life & then energy and crowds on the day will help pull you through,


Just think back to when you started C25K and why? Then look back over your amazing progress so far. You are so close to completing and taking part in the Race for Life. You can do this, just make sure you are well rested and hydrated before attempting your next run and as happierswimming has said maybe you need to set yourself little targets. Many of us have been in your position and have come through with the help and support of this forum. I cant wait for your next blog saying you have run the 30mins. Good luck :)


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