Couch to 5K

runners smile!

w1r2 today, was such a struggle to get out of bed I am not going to lie!

when you run/walk past other runners does anyone get them gleaming at you

not sure if its a 'oh bless she is hot and sweaty clearly dying and walking'

or a empathetic 'everyone starts somewhere one day you will be like me'

made me smile anyway! haha

also decided when I get to 5K (when NOT if) I am going to join my towns running club, something to aim for!

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Lauren try smiling when the going gets tough as your body cannot differentiate a true smile or a grimace and releases endorphins to make you feel better!!!!

Keep on going and you will be at the running club before you know it!!!!!!


I love that. Iam going to try that too! :D


I used to feel the same way about the walking until I started running club and saw them training for the half marathons by doing exactly that! Who knew even marathon runners do run/walk intervals? I wish I'd known when I was starting out, I wouldn't have felt so daft about it and could have concentrated more on my beet root face ;)


I felt the same when I started, I avoided running where there were lots of people, seems silly now but I was so self conscious!


Take it as a friendly "morning" or "afternoon".


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