graduated outside

Graduated this morning , have done 5k in gym but always found it more difficult outside but this am i did it ! i feel great this couch to 5k plan is fantastic i would never have managed it without it , anyone who is struggling dont give up we all struggle from time to time but dig in and you will get there , thank you laura and everyone for the encouragment

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  • Well done you !!! Bet it was lovely outside this morning. You'll probably have a big smile on your face all day, and I agree, this plan is fantastic and the help and encouragment on the site brilliant.

  • Thank you for your encouragment, your right i have a smile on my face but im knackered lol

  • Well done for getting out and getting that done, great achievement for you :)

  • thanks a lot never thought i could do it

  • Brilliant! Just think of all the lovely places you can run now! :)

  • absolutley, thanks for the encouragment

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