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W2 R2... (akaR2D2) Holey Moley! Running into the wind is HARD work!

So in the middle of week 2, itching to get out and run, well Holey Moley! There was mighty wind blowing off the sea! Nearly stopped me in my tracks, my head said GO! Body said NO! Well I nearly had to check my trainers to see if hubby had filled them with lead! At the 3rd 90 mins my body started to engage with brain, following that burst I was also a happy Cat to be turning to have the wind on my back to blow me home! A good lesson though, I will always start my runs into the wind on a windy day as I think it could break my spirit on a homeward bound leg on one of the longer runs that lye ahead.

Mid week 2, feeling positive, learning about my body, mind and spirit as well as windy running. Life is good!!!

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well done on completing week 2 run 2

I always run along the seafront into the wind to start then turn halfway, which is great to have the wind behind you but it always makes you feel a few degrees warmer when you turn which i do not like, guess you were unlucky i ran along Hastings seafront and it was a lovely evening


Sounds like you are loving it. I haven't seen anyone in here who doesn't, I wonder why it took me so long to realise what exercise did for you. Still really glad I have found it now.


Hi. Well done on completing W2R2, I just did mine today too! However, I made the mistake of running into the wind on my return leg making the last 90 seconds murder! Won't do that again!


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