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First 5K race, 8th July!

Hello everyone

Took the plunge today and booked on to my First 5k race, its on the 8th July and part of St Annes Carnival, so not an uber competitive race (hopefully!!)

Feeling nervous already, but I've worked out that's my last run (if all goes well) so should be well on track! I'm a bit worried that I'll be that one right at the end huffing and puffing, but at this stage as long as I finish it I'm not too concerned!

Going to get some new trainers on Saturday really can't wait! Although I have proper ones already they're about 6 years old so all of the bounce and support has pretty much gone leaving my poor shins hurting! Best part is they're going to be my birthday present off my mum and dad so means I can buy other running bits (I'm turning into a running nerd! :D)

Been telling anyone who'll listen how much I love this programme and it really is working wonders for me, feeling healthier, brighter, happier and more energetic :D

Now that I'm on week 4 I really want to start working on my diet. It's not bad, but it could be loads better, mainly down to lack of organisation. If anyone has any good recipes or "diet" plans [I hate the word diet, I love food too much!], I would really appreciate any help :-)

Mrs Magoo xx

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I did /do slimmimg world while doing this program.

Can seriously say have never had so much choice of" free "food.

started end of feb (same time as c25k) and have got to goal, having lost 20 lbs.

Oh and I've been a serial dieter for 30 years!

Very easy to stick to...not really a diet...just low fat, low sugar food.

The race for life won't be too competitive, loads and loads of people walk the entire thing, and its a brilliant atmosphere.

Good luck, you'll be one of the people who everybody else thinks " I wish I could run some of it like that lady" :) :) :)


Well done for taking the plunge and booking the race, I have been to watch one as my daughter was in it. There were some people who walked the whole way so if you jog some and walk some you will not be last and the whole atmosphere is fun and not really competitive generally.

As regards diet, I have tried many diets and at the end of the day I have always put the weight back on when I came off them. So I have vowed not to diet again. I eat healthily never eat after 9 pm and try not to eat after tea. It works most of the time. I have not lost weight quickly but it is going and I am much more toned in my legs and tummy with the running.

Hope this helps x


Only round the corner from me - might have to come and cheer you on! ;-)


Awww some C25K support would be great! Just look for the midget in pink huffing and puffing at the back! Hehe


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