Couch to 5K

Did it without Laura, on wk9 run 2!

Well fellow runners, I did my 2nd run of WK 9 last night. Did think I was going get out the due to panic setting in, realized my ipod was flat as pancake, and I was beginning to wonder how am I going to get through 30 with music, never mind the soft words from Laura. Anyway, I embarked on my solo run and did it no prob. Just one more run guys and then I graduate. You wanna know what I'm so shocked about is how far ice come, my stamina and endurance is amazing now.

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A hearty congrats. How brave of you to run without Laura! I already have separation anxiety, and I still have a couple weeks left on the program. So how will you celebrate your graduation?


To be honest, I will of been at work all day, then I will do my run, my last run of the podcast programme. But more than likely, I will have to have a few glasses of champagne. But next week I'm gonna have to up my workouts a knotch, and next sun I'm off to Portugal for 2 weeks, so I'm packing my running shoes.


Good for you! Have fun in running in Portugal. :)


I can't even think of running without Laura, makes me feel nervous and I'm only on week 4!

Good on you for doing it and enjoy Portugal :)


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