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Week 3 & Going Strong - For a Fat Man!

Just a quick note of encouragement to fellow runners (or those who are thinking about starting) to update you on my progress as a 25 stone male,(lost 4 stones since Christmas) through to Week 3, Day 2, without any repeats or injury problems - touch wood!

It's not easy - nothing like this ever is, but as long as you go at your own pace, you will progress quickly enough. During my Week 3 runs, I am covering around 1.8 miles, which is no world record, but pleases me each morning I go out there and do it!

I can see myself repeating Week 4 a few times to get up to the 'dreaded' Week 5 runs, but that's half the fun of the challenge isn't it?!

Listen to your body, wear the right gear and you'll improve beyond any reasonable doubt in no time.

Stick at it people!

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I have to agree, 24 stone when i started to do some excercise in April and now down 2 stone.

I get tired, legs ache and i often have trouble breathing but the feeling that I have compelted a run outweighs all of that.


Wow! Keep going! That's incredible, you'll graduate in no time :)


Really really impressive!! I have so much admiration for you and anyone who is doing this programme carrying those extra stones.. (i dont mean that to sound patronising or condescending in anyway) im carrying about 1 and half stones excess weight and i struggle at times.. keep it up and looking forward to reading your blogs about the fantastic progress i know you'll make..


Well done with your achievement's and continue with the AND GOING strong, brilliant. Its hard but well worth the struggle.


Well done. I waited until I had lost weight (10 stone so far) before I started as I already have a dodgy knee and didn't want to make it worse. I'm sure you will succeed, you seem to have to right attitude to get through the plan.

Very best of luck and keep us posted and can't wait to see your shiny graduate badge.


well done.There seems to be a lot of over weight people here (me to) and it's good reading how others are doing. keep up the good work all


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