Week 1 DONE! running is 'Dope!'

Week 1 is under my belt and I feel FANTASTIC!!! Bring on week 2! I just can't believe that I was out and running at 8am this morning... Such a change from the old me! I go back to work after a year on maternity leave in 2 weeks time which I have been getting really depressed about... Now I have a new energy it seems to be affecting my attitude towards everything.... I think running is going to change my life.... After just 1 week I feel so excited, I hope that I can maintain this level of motivation. I've booked myself into a 5k for life in mid July... I'll be around week 7 of the programme so I don't think I have the ability to run the course, so my plan is to follow wherever I am on the coach to 5k programme.... Running is 'dope' I which I had got of my couch sooner!

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  • Blimey race booking in week one! Do like it when the running loonacey starts for folks. :) enjoy

  • Hehe! Im starting week 2 tomorrow and I love it too! :D

  • I feel exactly the same! I'm on maternity leave too and determined to shift the bulge. I hope we all still feel like this in a few weeks time!

  • I know what you mean about new energy. I 'm starting week two tomorrow morning and feel so good about it. I really admire your courage to go ahead and book a 5k already! I hope you enjoy it.

    Yes, why did I wait 33 years (since leaving school) to get off my backside?

  • SHAZAAMMM! You got the bug girlfriend! :)

  • Thanks peeps! This is one bug I hope I keep forever! X

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