Couch to 5K

how long should 3miles take that would be classed as reasonable iv no desire to run a race but feel very slow

I dont have any gadgets to map my runs so i have marked a route on my bike using bike computer im on w8r2 and although the heat is killing me i felt good enough to keep going after 28mins and ran another 10 mins covering 3miles, what time would be a acceptable time to complete 3miles

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I ran my first 5k in 39 minutes.

It doesn't matter how fast you do it though, so long as you keep doing the same distance the speed will come on its own. The programme aims for 5k in 30 minutes, i can't do that yet :(


I also ran my first 5K in 39 minutes and the best thing I did on the latter stages of the programme was to go from 'slow' to 'real slow'. I enjoyed my running more and think it has kept me motivated.


In my last 30 minutes run I manage 3.6km which was a wee bit slower than usual due to the heat but why do you want to run fast? I had be having the same worries but I recently read an article in, I think, Runners World that said that UK runners have one of the highest incidencies of injury because we try to run fast all the time. I have decided that if I naturally get faster as i get fitter then great but my focus is to run for longer rather than faster. Lets face it at 49 I never going to get the call up for the UK squad so fit and injury-free is my preference.


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