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My first blog - at the start of w5

I started C25K at week 1, having already completed w1 on another programme, but I thought I'd start again. It's been a haphazard progress, I asked a question on here about pacing myself - got some good feed back, but when I should have started w3, I discovered my secret husband!

He'd already done one of my w1 & w2 runs as I combined these with walking our two dogs, but I decided w3 was too much for the dogs (Great Danes, the original couch potatoes), but he has decided to join in.

He's great at pacing me, all good, what's sickening is that it's no effort to him, but he is happy to go at my pace. Oddly, I'm overweight, 52, with ok blood pressure, he's 54 thin, with a very active job, but has slightly high blood pressure, it has been suggested that he gets out of breath a bit more often - not sure he'll get that running with me, but we'll keep trying!

We finished w4 last night, so, it's w5 r1 Thursday if we've time (got to go to the vets)if not it'll be Friday, but we are really enjoying this, I'm amazed that I've got OH exercising!!

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Sounds like a great way to spend time together and make your run more enjoyable!


It does sound like a good way to be together. I'm not sure I could persuade my wife to join in, maybe when she sees me qualify perhaps :)


Its good to have someone to run with Frida and I too run with my husband when he can fit it in around his work. We are both in our 50's too and its great to keep active.

I was going to run tonight (W2R3) when he would be working late but he wants to run tomorrow when he will be home early and we can do it together which is great! I have the ipod with Laura and he can either follow along or do his own thing so even though we might not be running necessarily together we are both in the park getting fitter and also can be an encouragement to each other. Plus we can share the pain afterwards and have a laugh!!

I dont mind running on my own but its even better when there are two of you....

Good luck on starting W5!


Thanks everyone for your comments, it's not always togetherness, hubby's a technophobe and proud of it and on a couple of occasions I've not been able to start Laura's podcast on my iphone as quickly as he'd like, the suggestions are something along the lines of "get rid of that thing" "can't you do anything without that?" and " what's wrong with a decent watch?" Nothing I suppose, but neither of us has one......

Thing is we don't run in our glasses and I can only just see my phone......the joys of old age - the only one I'll admit to!

But, I agree, it's more fun when there are two of you running.


It's not your eyes, it's the fact that your arms are getting shorter (my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

I'm glad Great Danes can't take the pace either. Our Westie came out with me for one of the W2 runs, I think I dragged him most of the way!


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