Couch to 5K

I did it!

Survived W1R3 and feel great about it! who would have thought this time last week that i would be confident enough to just get off my comfy recliner and just do it.

I even deviated off the quiet lane I had been plodding along and went along a route past a playing field of teens kicking a rugby ball about.

Considering it is so hot and the footpaths I am using are the busiest in the evening, I feel that if I can do it now it can only get better!

Just annoyed I have rubbed a blister on my ankle with the rib of my flippin' socks! Grrr.

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Well done, you have got the bug already. It's amazing what confidence this programme gives you i also am not too bothered who sees me i just do my thing. On to week 2 then. Good luck


well done on to wk2.


Well done ! I've learnt not to care what anyone else thinks of me when I'm running - it's very liberating !

I haven't had blisters since starting the program - you might want to treat yourself to "proper" running socks - quite inexpensive at Sports Direct and they do make a difference.


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