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Week 3 run 1 complete but injured - really annoyed

Week 2 went well and I enjoyed it even more than week one. My knee ached a bit, but I did the full warm up as usual and did week 3 run 1 yesterday. It was fine (if a little warm!!). But since then my knee has continued to hurt ad my ankle has ballooned to twice its normal size. I broke it a couple of years ago. It didn't heal straight and flares up every now and again. So now I've done a reverse move and gone from 5k (well 3 and a half so far) to couch!! I'm gutted. There is no way I can run tomorrow. I can hardly walk :(

I feel like a real failure which is the story of my life where anything sporty is concerned. I'm really frustrated because I am really starting to get ito it and find myself looking forwards to the runs which is quite bizarre! I was even looking forward to the big leap in running minutes next week after I did the first week 3 run without feeling too tired.

I am going on holiday on Tuesday for a week. Hopefully the week off will let it recover and I can pick up week 3 when I get back.

Hope things are are going well for everyone else :)

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Dont be downhearted. I put ice on my calf when it hurt and rested it up in the evening. If it helps, so far my injuries/aches etc have been in the earlier weeks and have eased off now (W6 starts Friday). You have done so well so far :) Have a brilliant holiday and take up where you left off when you get home. Look forward to hearing of your recovery :)


These things are annoying, how supportive are your trainers? Have a good holiday and do lots of swimming to keep the cardi going. Then get back to it when you come home.


You mentioned your warm up stretches ... what about the stretching afterwards?

I have read that and believe myself the stretch at the beginning is not as important as those done at the end.

I found that if I don't stretch at the end I ache like crazy! :)

Yours sounds a little more complicated as you had a break ... has it been checked? ... just to make sure it has healed properly!

I had a broken arm nearly 4 years ago and I have to say that as it was a complicated break needing an op and a pin. It took 3 years before it was to a stage that I no longer realised that it had broken ..... unless my dog lays on it at a funny angle.

The mobility was great very early on due to brilliant osteopathy but the sensation/ache was slow to recover.

The only thing that could help that I can't find mentioned here and is brilliant with all aches and pains is Epsom salt soaks.

You can buy Epsom salts suitable for soaking not the fine stuff that used to be taken for constipation.

A cupful in a bowl of hot water may help tremendously .... its an old fashioned remedy but I have found it to be wonderful:)

Good luck and remember you may have overlooked something and your body is reminding you and slowing you down ... you are not a failure just learning new stuff .... so ... Chin up matey you will get through this! :)

Have a great holiday ... where are you going? I hope it is somewhere with sea ... that is another great remedy often forgotten. Sea water works wonders! :) Look forward to hearing from a refreshed and possitive you when you return! Byeeee :)


Thanks so much for your message - this is the refreshed and positive me checking in as requested! :) I went to Santorini and the break worked wonders on the ankle. I came home and ran the next day - you were quite right, I just need to take it at the right pace and listen to my body.

I am going to try and get some epsom salts at the weekend in anticipation of week 5 - thanks for the tip!

Im glad to hear your arm feels normal again, my ankle still hurts most days, but only in a really niggly 'not really hurty but just feels funny' way, These things just take time I guess.

Thanks again for the encouragement and sense! :)


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