Week 1, Workout 2

Came home from work to find my new running Capri tights and hot pink sports crop top, got excited and had to go running! P.S there is a sale on fitness clothing on the sports direct website.

Ran in a different place this time, enjoyed it! Bloody hot, even though it was 7.30 in the evening! I live in a beautiful village in the countryside so I ran past fields of sheep and horses with the sun setting in the background. It went so quickly! I used the week 1 podcast today and the 60 sec runs felt like 10. I did however have an almighty stitch all along the bottom right of my ribs, but I powered through.

Overall, very happy with today's workout, I even did two more 60 sec runs after the last walk, so proud of myself!

4 Replies

  • I was in the local SD store today and got a bright yellow Karrimor running top with 1/4 zip and long sleeves reduced from £26.99 to £8.99, bargain.

  • Crop top?? Are you brave enough to run with your belly out?!?

    I'll admit, sometimes my top rides up and it's not pretty!

  • Oh I wore a top over it!! I'm not getting my belly out until I can play a tune on it like a xylophone! It is extra support for my jubbly bubblies!

  • The buying things aspect of C25k is fun! Enjoy looking like a runner!

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