Why am I finding week 8 so tough?

I would be lying if I said that week 7 was a breeze, but I managed it well, and thought that the extra 3 minutes in week 8 would be so easy. Wrong! I have just completed run 2 slowly and painfully - even worse than the last run.

It didn't help I suppose this time that I was running in 24 degree heat, lapping a park with little shade, but at times I was breaking into a cold sweat. It was only my stubborness that got me through I think!

Tell me it gets better? I think I was getting a little over confident, but this is the hardest week for me so far.

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  • I really think this weather has something to do with it.

    Week 8 is a toughie so stick with it.

    Remember to keep hydrated even when you're not on a running day....can you run early morning or later evening? :)

  • w8 was my toughest during the programme. keep going you are nearly at the finishing line :)

  • struggled with 2nd run of week 8 tonight too. Wasn't feeling great before hand and only ran about 15 minutes..

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