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w3 r2 disaster

Lovely day for a run so i had my drink and waited a bit before i went out. Set of with my warm up walk and started my 90second run and all went well even controlled my speed going down hill.

The route i took had a incline as i came back home so shortened my stride to make sure i got up the incline. got half way up adn disaster i have only pulled a muscle in myleft leg. How typical, tried to continue but had to spend the rest of the time walking back home. I am so dissapointed but where i live there is no flat surface and i dont fancy keeping running round a football field.

one good thing came out of it got the start of a tan oh happy days

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Awch, that must have been very painful and disappointing too.

Is there an area you can get to by bike or car that would have fewer hills once you are able to get going again. It may help to run a more level route until your leg has settled back down.

Good luck.


it is finding some whre that is level not to sure where will have to look and see what i can find


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