Couch to 5K

getting technical!

Bought a smart phone at the weekend cos it seemed the cheapest way of being able to track runs with gps and all! Managed to get a teenager to show me how to have music and map my run on at the same time and had a successful run on Monday - but it turned out I was pretty slow! So I set off this morning determined to have better statistics at the end...... have somehow managed to put the songs on repeat so after listening to the same song 3 times worked out how to skip onto the next.... however I got half way through - just over 2.1 km when I either turned the gps off when I went tried to skip to the next song - again, or the gps didn't like me going around a field and tuned itself off. SO when I got back it said i'd gone 2.4km in 30 mins when I know it was more like 4km. Technology aghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Should mapmyrun automatically upload my run to it's internet page or do I have to do something else! Think I might have a go with runkeeper next and see how successful that is!

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Endomondo works well for me. tell it to start - run - tell it to stop. It does the rest. My kind of app.


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